No Escape

Death and taxes:

enough to handle your own,

but I, four times yet.

Tax filing time again. I dread this – not just for myself, but for the fact that I have to assist in filing 3 other individuals’ returns: the bro’s, grandma’s (cos she has rent from her house), mom, and me. And in SG, it’s all e-filing, which means you hope that the system captures your stuff before it hangs/times out/ etc. And I do it, ‘cos of the limitations (physical and technical) of all the other taxpayers here. 3 down, 1 to go.

I’m an angel, aren’t I o:-)


Does it hurt when I turn
the knife deep into you
like your stabs in my back
Can I enjoy your whines
on how indifferent
I am to your presence

I want to watch you gorge
and choke on your ill words
become sick with envy
Now that you have seen how
I have moved past the filth
that you are and remain