Not poetry but about poetry

So I joined a local poetry writing group on Facebook in April. All was going swimmingly; people were liking my posts, etc.

Then someone decided to critique my posts, without my inviting them to critique. And he said he did it because I was posting a lot and no one liked my posts. I made the mistake of saying I did not need validation and did not “need” people to like my posts. I referred to this blog and my faithful followers; I also said in my simplistic view of poetry, it does not have to have a fixed form and just needs to be expressive. That poetry does not have “rules” unless it is fixed form poetry. Of course, my talking about my blog and my followers came off as a brag and people started slamming me. I have since left that group; I don’t need to be bashed and I don’t intend to be bashed. I also misunderstood the nature of their hashtags in the forum; apparently everything is up for critique unless u opt out. IN their mob rage they just continued to bash me without bothering to read my answers and my explanation for my reaction.

So, I am inviting comments now:

Am I wrong to feel pissed off that they want me to conform to some kind of form?

Am I wrong to feel that poetry should be expressive in any form it takes?

Am I wrong to feel that poetry should not be exclusive?

Am I wrong to feel that because poetry is so subjective, that I should not seek to “improve” because of one person’s opinion? That, in fact, someone’s good poetry can be someone’s crap? That if that is so, you should just turn ur eyes away because it is in fact subjective?