You emerge from your sleep


memories of before

a haze

like the words that are falling,


stones that drop unto feet,


to the childish footsteps.

Each step taken is a


against your own forces.

Humiliation as


move attracts their concern;


to the simplicity


for your comprehension.

The day you smile evokes

much joy,

of the genuine kind

and with

the laughter that tumbles

forth from

your mouth, they know truly

you are alive once more.

(I wrote this many years ago, from a real-life experience. Those who are near and dear to me would know.)

An ode to the dog.

Revisiting old posts… and yes my furkids are still around… (wet and stinky from the rain today)

Poetic Licence


Drop ears,

gooey eyes.

wet nose,

strange noises:

they run the gamut,

seals to Chewbacca.

All them

wagging tails

big smiles

never fail

to ease weary souls

at a long day’s end.

This was inspired by a post by the Musical Poet ( a fellow Dog person. The ode to the dog continues at

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